Frank's Table

As winter has set in, Frank's group shoots have moved mostly indoors - and mostly at Frank's house. Over the last couple of winters shooting with Frank, I have used a bay window in his living room a lot.

But in the last few weeks, instead of the bay window, I've been shooting around Frank's large dining table. OK, perhaps no so much "around" as "on". It's a good thing his table is sturdy!

Table Shots - Amazing Eyes

You're thinking "wow, what a beautiful table", right? I bet you hardly even noticed Amber there.

This was my first time shooting with Amber, and she was awesome. Very energetic, and managed to make the most of the really brief time I had for this shoot.  Coincidentally, after the shoot we discovered that in addition to our photography connections, we have pretty close day job connections as well. Anchorage is such a small town sometimes.

Table Shots - Gazing

I also recently had the opportunity to shoot with Jenny (previously shot in the sunshine of Point Woronzof)

Table Shots - Jenny and the wine glass

For the strobist photographers reading here, the shots with Jenny were primarily lit with a bare flash high to the left, and filled with a softbox flash a couple of stops down from the right. In contrast, the Amber shots above are keyed off of a softbox, with a bare flash for rim light (which happened to mostly miss Jenny in the two sample shots). You can really see the difference if you look at the shadows under their chins.

Table Shots - Thinking

And finally, since this is a dining table, I had to pass along a food shot. The Southcentral Alaska Photo Meetup group shot food at Franks house last weekend. Believe it or not, this delectable little chocolate & blueberry cup came from our local Fred Meyers!

Table Shots - Desserts

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