On the street

A couple weeks back I had a chance to shoot around the Anchorage Museum.  I've seen some great shots with the Museum's new glass walls as a backdrop, and thought I'd have a go.  Alas, the setting sun (ordinarily a beautiful thing for a photo shoot) really messed with the shots around the Museum.

So, I looked a couple of yards away, and there is some really interesting etched glass on a bus stop - and the light starts working for me.  Later, my brother informs me that his friend Lise Hoffman was the source of the etched glass - nice stuff Lise!

Lise's nice art reflecting Nashara's nice form.  This was another Frank K shoot with models from Andy Lewis of Model Elite.

Shooting on the street is always interesting.  We had a few whistles, but overall it was a quiet night, and we got some nice shots.

Strobist details:
The first shot is primarily ambient (sunset reflecting off the museum back onto Nashara), with a touch of fill from the SB-26.
The second started with the sky under-exposed at tad, and then added the SB-26 bare, zoomed to about 50, on half power.

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