Random Connections - Infinity Fest

I love how the world is full of random connections. I frequently see this on facebook when I find friends from totally disparate areas of my life who are mutual friends through random other means.

These shots came about as a result of a random connection.

When I was in high school, I assisted Dave Murrow (media producer and author) as he was DJ'ing a weekly radio program on a now defunct radio station in Fairbanks, AK. Fast forward 20 years, and his kids are grown. His daughter Andrea is a great local photographer who recently put out a call on facebook requesting photographers to document a local music festival in its first year.

What better place to cut my teeth on concert photography than at the first ever Infinity Fest.


Infinity Fest was a festival of local artists held at Change Point Church - with a national act thrown in for good measure.  They had a series of metal bands going on a main stage, and an acoustic stage running upstairs.

Static Cycle
The ever changing lighting in the environment (flashing stage lights in various colors on the main stage, and fast fading window light in the acoustic stage) definitely took some time to get used to. By the time Static Cycle came on near the end, I was starting to hone in on details that interested me. Random Static Cycle tidbit - I really like their reversible logo.

Next time I shoot a band, I'll be spending more time focusing on the drummer - lots of energy there. (Shot of Emery)

And last but not least...
Karissa Laren
This picture is here not so much because the picture is great, but mostly for an excuse to say that this was the first time I've heard of Karissa Laren and she is AWESOME! Smooth, soulful, original. Definitely my favorite act of the night. I'm keeping my eye out for a chance to hear her again!

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