Boot Hill Shoot

Shots from another Frank K shoot. This time, we ventured out to the Valley.

Boot Hill is a small private junk yard in Butte (along the way to Palmer). Driving the Old Glenn Highway past the Butte, Boot Hill emerges from the trees with an eclectic collection of classic cars in various stages of decomposition. Front and center in the lot is a small ferris wheel. But it's not really a ferris wheel in the modern sense. It's more like a swingset on steroids.

What's a photographer to do, but shoot the ferris wheel?

Boot Hill-1
Boot Hill Ferris Wheel
I was extremely lucky to shoot again with Brittani.  This time I got to shoot her AND her friend Eric.  Plopped them down in the ferris wheel and played around. Before we were done, Eric was reaching for the sky at the top of the ferris wheel - too high for good photos, but lots of fun.  I had to go back a few weeks later to try it for myself.

While others were shooting in the midst of the rusty, lichen covered wrecks, I managed to eke out a few minutes with a pinup style Brittani, and a beautifully restored '52 Chevy Coupe.

Boot Hill-2
Fuzzy dice tell me that the car is a '52.
But who's looking at the fuzzy dice?

Boot Hill-3

No heads up display or GPS, but that's a pretty good looking model there. Car model. What did you think I was saying? (Just kidding Brittani - you are awesome!)

Boot Hill-4

Extra bonus shot - I had my daughter along for this shoot, and managed to corral her in an old El Camino for a couple of minutes before we left.

Add this to the list of things that make me happy.


  1. Denny, did you create a FB page for your business? That's a great way to keep current and share with folks. You can also add galleries of your photos in albums. Just a thought. Are you going to do a commercial print business or personal photos? Gorgeous stuff! Love the antique cars in the pics!


  2. Thanks Ingrid. Haven't done the FB thing yet. At this point I'm mostly focused on personal portraits, but would be open to commercial assignments.

  3. Denny,
    We have a 1994 Camaro bright red that we used to show. When the weather gets better and we take it out of hibernation, you can shoot if you want. When my 911 gets here same thing. These are wonderful.

  4. OOoo - that sounds like fun Angela. Will take you up on that this summer!