Family Portraits

I love shooting family portraits. They are unpredictable, and full of precious moments.

A little more than a week ago I had the opportunity to shoot the Church family. We met this summer when our daughter started at their new home-based day care. (In case you are looking, and in case she has room, we highly recommend Katie's Cubhouse. She's awesome.) It has been fun getting to know them, and watching all of our children grow fast. In particular, it is fun to see their daughter in her new role as older sister - a role that our daughter will be playing early next year!

Church Family-1

On the Saturday before Halloween, we headed up the hillside - first stop, was an abandoned and collapsing homestead. It was cold, and the he kids were fussy. But we still got a few good shots off.

Church Family-2

Turned the light stand around and captured these shots from the same spot (in front of the collapsed homestead). Great view, and what a cutie!

Church Family-3

Charlotte put her hands in the cold snow and cried - so Mom stepped in to help.

It didn't take long outside to decide that we were all cold - so we headed down the hill to the warmth of their parents house for a couple more shots.

Church Family-6

I love Bennett's expression here -"Hey, are you lookin' at me!"

It was a challenge wrangling everyone together - getting everyone looking at the camera at the same time. Mom and Dad are torn between looking at the camera and making sure the kids look at the camera (I have the exact same problem taking self-portraits of my family). But it all works out.

If you'd like portraits of YOUR family, hit me up on my contact page.

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