Boot Hill Part II

After venturing out to Boot Hill in late August (prior post here), Frank K arranged for a second shoot there in early October. We did not have the luxury of a blue sunny day, or a beautifully restored car, but we still had a great time. In fact, the soft light of the overcast day resulted in some really nice natural light portraits like the one below.

BootHill 2-2

I spent most of this shoot with the lovely Kelsey. When you have eyes like this staring at you, the rust the moss certainly fade away.

BootHill 2-1

Last time, I wrote about the swingset ferris wheel.  It's a 4-seat ferris wheel, where each seat is essentially a swing inside of a donut-shaped fiberglass shell. You propel the ferris wheel by swinging in the seats and walking on the shell.  Last time, I took shots of Brittani and Eric sitting in the ferris wheel. This trip, I took a ride of my own. It was a surprising amount of work, but a it was fun to be spinning around above everyone.

BootHill 2-3

In case a car fan is reading, the first two shots were taken in the red / rust colored boat car on the right.

BootHill 2-4

The last two shots were taken in an old Cadillac. The tale from the colorful owner of Boot Hill indicated that this Cadillac was once owned by a prominent Madame on Spenard. He claimed that a lot of early Alaska decisions were transacted in the back seat.

BootHill 2-5

And a parting shot of Kelsey with her beautiful eyes through a broken window.

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  1. SOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of you! These are REALLY REALLY AWESOME! And I'm not one to give frilly undue compliments! Love it!